Jakob and Núria

We are Núria and Jakob, a couple of two passionate software engineers.

We identified the following problem that we experience ourselves: There's a ton of great technical talks on YouTube from various conferences and we enjoy watching them very much. The problem is that it is a big commitment to sit down 90 minutes doing nothing but watching someone explain something over some slides, even if the contents are very interesting.

That's how the idea for this podcast came to be: We select the best tech talks and summarize them in half their run-time for you — so you have your eyes and more time available for other things. Additionally, we review each talk and give a final verdict of how we liked it and if it is worth watching in full length. From time to time, we also invite guests to summarize a talk together with us.

Give our podcast a listen, share it with others, and get in touch with us via the platforms below.